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[News] ETHER VAPOR Remaster Flying Towards You With Guns Blazing!


[News] ETHER VAPOR Remaster Flying Towards You With Guns Blazing!

With an amazing PC market, interest on major console networks, and a dedicated community, there is probably no better time to be a fan of shooters than today.

This morning we got news that Nyu Media (Cherry Tree High Comedy Club) will be publishing ETHER VAPOR Remaster from developer Edelweiss.

The story follows a nameless pilot in a prototype fighter craft emerges in a war between the nations of Caldea and Lydia. The unknown source of his advanced weaponry and what his actual agenda are gradually revealed as he takes on wave after wave of enemy fighters and massive bosses to reach his final objective.

ETHER VAPOR Remaster is a 2.75D arcade shooter with beautifully rendered explosions, lasers, ships and backgrounds. A dynamic camera allows for vertical, horizontal, 3/4 and cinematic chase cam to switch up the action and heighten drama.

More features include: Gatling, Winder and Lock-on weapons, each with a unique & powerful Charged Shot; Boss Rush Mode and online leaderboards; 7 levels including the ocean, the city, and the edges of the outer atmosphere.

The game will be release June 29th on PC for $7.99 and available as a download from the official website. It will hit major retailers including GamersGate, GameStop, GameTap and Steam over the following days and weeks.

The soundtrack is already up on Bandcamp so be sure to check it out!

The game sounds amazing both visually and gameplay-wise for any shooter fan. Five years ago we’d be lucky if a game like this was found somewhere online, but today the market is more open than ever thanks to supportive fans. Expect more information over the coming weeks including a preview from Twinfinite so be sure to check back soon.

Hit the jump for gameplay video and link to the official website for some gorgeous screenshots.


Official Website

Official Bandcamp

Release Date: 6/29 (PC)

Price: $7.99



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