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[News] Enhanced Versions of Edmund McMillen Flash Games Coming Soon


[News] Enhanced Versions of Edmund McMillen Flash Games Coming Soon

Time Fcuk is one of the games in 'The Basement Collection'

Edmund McMillen, bearded darling and designer of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac amongst other things, is working with Tyler Glaiel, programmer of puzzler Closure, to release enhanced versions of his three best Flash games. Aether, Time Fcuk and Spewer will be released together in one cheap package, currently known as ‘The Basement Collection’, via Steam. Making the announcement in a post on his website, McMillen revealed that all the games would be receiving a makeover, new content and of course Steam achievements to justify the purchase, not that it would need justifying given the small price tag – the package is set to sell for just $3.

Aether was originally released in 2008 and revolves around solving puzzles on different planets to restore their colour. The player controls a young boy who befriends an octopus-like monster, with the boy using the monster’s tongue to swing from planet to planet. When released the game received high praise for its pastel-like visuals and charming story. With the re-release there is a chance to expand upon this short adventure but fulfilling adventure.

Time Fcuk has nothing to do with French Connection UK and is actually a platform about time travelling and its consequences. Released in 2009 the key gameplay mechanic in this short puzzle-platformer is the ability to switch between different layers of a level. The game features amusing dialogue as you are contacted by several future versions of yourself. The name sums the game up pretty well to be honest. I’m hoping the re-release of the game improves the user interface which I wasn’t a fan of.

Spewer is the final game in the package, and possibly the most disgusting as well. Also released in 2009 this game sees the player controls a test subject who must navigate their way through levels by using their own vomit as platforms. As expected the game revolves around the use of liquid physics.  Hopefully the re-release will come with more levels, possibly new abilities and new types of… Well, new types of vomit.

There is also supposed to be an extra unlockable game to round of the pack, but no information on what it will be has been released.

If you can’t wait for the Steam release then all three of the games are available to play through Newgrounds.

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