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[News] Bit.trip Runner 2 Coming to Wii U


[News] Bit.trip Runner 2 Coming to Wii U

Fans of Gaijin Games and Nintendo rejoice! According to a post on Runner 2’s official site by Gaijin founder Alex Neuse, the long-awaited sequel to the retro-tastic bit.trip RUNNER will be headed to Nintendo’s new HD box, in addition to the previously announced Xbox 360 and PS3.  Perhaps the situation is best summed up in this tweet by Alex, included in the post:

“After announcing Runner2 for XBLA & PSN, we got so much incredible hate mail from our Nintendo fan base that we had to release this game for Wii U under fear of death!” – @AlexNoisy.

I’m not proud of it, but when I first heard the news, I was one of those people. Anyway, rejoice!

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