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[News] Atlus Reveals a Trio of New Titles


[News] Atlus Reveals a Trio of New Titles

It was bright and early this morning when a flurry of emails hit my mailbox this morning from Atlus.  What they revealed before the show officially started were three new games that they would publish.  Interestingly, each of the games hails from a different part of the world.

The biggest announcement of the three is most likely the sexy Japanese beat-em-up Code of Princess from Agatsuma Entertainment.  The beautiful animation aside, the interest in the game stems from the fact that it is from some of the Guardian Heroes team.  While it is a single player game, you have 4 main characters you can play with.  It really gets interesting by letting you play with many of the villagers and enemies in the multiplayer instead of relying simply on the core group.  This title will be hitting shelves some time this Fall.

This was followed by the announcement that The Testament of Sherlock Holmes would be published here.  This little European title has gone through plenty of hurdles to get release, but with a September schedule looming, it is good to see Focus Interactive pick up a publisher here.   The story revolves around the detective finishing up a case only to find that the Diamond he has recovered is a fake.  This twist takes the master problem solver in to dark places and should be a nice new angle to see him in.

Finally, my favorite bit of news stems from the announcement that ACE Team is following up with a sequel to their hit Zeno Clash.  The game now is focusing on the bizarre environments they have created as it takes on an open world style.  You can see a better glimpse of the places you’ll be exploring through the game, but it looks to have that same weirdness that made the first game so interesting to play through.  They are looking for an early 2013 release for Zeno Clash II.

You can view the trailers for the three titles below.




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