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[Featurama] The Best Games of E3 2012


[Featurama] The Best Games of E3 2012

E3 2012 is now officially over.  Developers are on their way back to work.  Their roadies are still around cleaning, but for the most part everyone is done with E3 for another year.  It’s now time to sit back and judge E3 for what it was this year.

It’s time to look at the games.

Lots of new titles were revealed. Some were mentioned off the cuff while others had massive billboards showcasing the spectacle that is this game.  While many people are rounding together to choose what is the one and only game that could truly be crowned “King of E3,” we here at Twinfinite understand that what’s good for some isn’t necessarily good for others.

Instead, we’ll give you our personal favorites and you can judge each of us and our tastes.  Here is Twinfinite’s best games of E3 2012.

[Fun Fact: My fellow writers chose these games unbeknownst of what the others had decided. If you can get 11 different people to choose 11 different games as their favorites, it had to have been a great event.]

The best game of this E3, for me, was without a doubt Watch Dogs. I can’t remember the last time an original IP came out and really blew the doors off of everything which had been shown thus far.  This is a game so powerful and so great-looking that many refuse to believe it will be released this generation. It takes a very, very special product to stoke the fires of imagination and rouse a populace which has grown rightfully bored with sequels and shooters and zombies.

Watch Dogs presents interesting ideas in such a slick fashion that even if it somehow bombs (which is always possible, unfortunately) it will be a spectacular failure, one at least worthy of note. I however don’t see that happening, and for now, it was the one game this E3 which woke me from a stupor.

I’ll bet Tyler is still gonna say his favorite was Devil May Cry, though. Love him.

If you asked me a few days ago what would stand out to me the most from this year’s E3, I probably would have picked one of the bigger games like Halo 4 or Assassin’s Creed 3.  After watching Matt Stone and Trey Parker debut the game trailer, and more importantly, clown Microsoft at their own conference, it became clear that my game of E3 would have to be South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Not because it looks the best, but because of the way South Park’s co-creator Matt Stone described it, “[It looks] like an episode of South Park. Which is crappy.” It is this kind of humor they have stuffed it with.

Really, how can you go wrong with a game that has an assault rifle wielding Jesus, hammer wielding Butters throwing them at vampire kids, and underpants gnomes? The answer is you can’t.

Game of the show? Need for Speed: Most Wanted, hands-down.

Hot Pursuit is one of my favorite games this generation, so coupling that with some of the design sensibilities of Burnout Paradise is a Godsend. I can’t wait to destroy my friends’ track times over and over again. Besides, it has to be better than The Run, right?

I still think Devil May Cry looks amazing, no matter what Zack Wheat has to say about it. ♥

Honestly, the best game of E3 was Nintendo’s. You know, the one where they pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes and finagled four sizeable presentations in four days (which is 300% more “in your face” than anyone else).

I only mention Nintendo in jest because I do think they had one of the more overlooked titles in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion for the 3DS. It looks like a great, charming title that will play to the system’s strengths, and if the platforming is good (and it doesn’t rely too heavily on nostalgia) this game could be a real knockout.

Have you seen the videos that are related to Far Cry 3? They are, as the game clearly enjoys reminding us, insane.

The level of freedom this game seems to allow you is quite staggering. Especially if that diving off cliffs and swimming thing is true. The acting seems to be top notch and best of all, the game looks really pretty.

This Far Cry game is about being an average guy and navigating around an island instead of destroying it. Here’s hoping Far Cry 3 allows for every aspect of that.

My only concern however, is that the game might try a bit too hard to be mature and edgy. I get quite bored if a game is just a “Kill everything in sight” sort of deal. Far Cry 3 looks to have enough ideas for a full game. I want to explore the island, and have options when it comes to how I want to play and feel badass that way; not paint it red with blood and feel bad about myself.

Two of my obsessions when I was a kid were LEGO toys and Lord of the Rings. When LEGO Star Wars came out I always thought it would be awesome if they did the same thing for the LOTR series.

Seven years later and my dream has finally come true.

Never mind Nintendo’s casual games, I believe that it is actual fact that the LEGO games are a true family title with challenging yet fun gameplay and amusing cut scenes suitable for all ages complementing the drop-in drop-out co-op multiplayer. I just hope that the developers don’t feel the need to focus solely on the film and include characters from the books as well.

My favorite part of the LEGO Star Wars games was the sheer amount of characters that were unlockable, and the game just won’t be complete without something similar. I’d love for there to be a character creation system as well. Swapping LEGO mini-figure parts to create a wizard version of Gimli would be amazing.

So, for the sole reason that I’ve been waiting most of my life for this game, LEGO Lord of the Rings gets my nod as best game of E3.

What’s my ‘Best of E3’? I’m going with Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

My love of the series goes way back to the first game, and I’m impressed by the way Ubisoft has managed to reinvent it to keep up with modern sensibilities. They don’t always knock it out of the park with their innovations (SEE: DOUBLE AGENT), but they are always trying. Blacklist looks like a perfect blend of the new mechanics and the classic Splinter Cell tropes (i.e. goggles, methodical movement).

I’m a little sad that Michael Ironside isn’t back to voice Sam Fisher but from what I’ve seen and heard thus far, Eric Johnson is going to work out just fine. Also, he’s from my hometown of Edmonton, which is kind of cool.

Not really sure what everyone was complaining about with this E3.  There were lots of crazy looking games like Last of Us, Lego Undercover, Hell Yeah! and Injustice.  Even a few announcements that should have received more notice like Zeno Clash II, Ragnarok Tactics, and Penny Arcade’s On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness Episode 3.  Honestly though, only one game really stuck with me for the whole show.

If you were watching any of the Nintendo Press Conferences, you were probably getting bored of seeing the same old same old from the company.  I was.  However, through all of that muck, there was one game that looked like it could be pretty fun to play.

Project P-100 was that game.

It is a Platinum game so of course the premise is insane to type out.  You as a super hero must rescue civilians while fighting off an alien invasion.  Instead of taking these people to some form of shelter, you instead smush them all together and turn them in to makeshift weaponry like swords, shields and giant fists. It is creative, interesting and full of color.  I just hope they don’t cut corners to make it to the Wii U launch. You know, whenever that is.

My best game of E3 was going to be Sim City had I the chance to actually play it. Since I couldn’t (STUPID APPOINTMENTS!!), I have to go with Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit. Quantum Conundrum, Sleeping Dogs, and The Last of Us are close behind, but Hell Yeah! was the most vulgarly hilarious and just plain fun platformer I saw at the show.

It was a hidden gem for me since I didn’t really know anything about it prior to playing it. You are this demon rabbit that gets caught with a rubber ducky fleshlight. It gets posted on the internet and you have to kill the 100 monsters that saw that page. That is the premise of the game. Seriously.

Each monster is a completely different boss with their own strategy to fight, and they all have the funniest quick time event finishers ever. The artwork is gorgeous and the combat is fun. Hell Yeah! is amazing for having such a small team it together. My only concern is the length of it, considering it’s an XBLA, PSN, and Steam game.

However, the amount of comedy packed in will be more than worth it.

I saw Rayman Legends for the Wii U with literally nobody playing it at E3, so I had Keith come join me. The way our demo was set up involved co-op in which I controlled the Wii U tablet and he used the new pro controller. I really didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did Rayman Origins, but the co-op was an utter blast.

I was responsible with controlling the environment while Keith burnt through the level. The teamwork we used was an utter blast, and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for my entire play through. I know when I’ll be making my Wii U purchase, it will be solely to experience this game again.

I’ve heard several people say that E3 was underwhelming this year. In my opinion, most of these people needed to look past the triple-A sequels and look into new intellectual property. Of course the 5th iteration in a tired series is going to be underwhelming, but it sells, and thus gets the most screen time. It was tough to choose an E3 “Best-In-Show” with so many contenders (Quantum Conundrum, Borderlands 2, Hell Yeah!, etc.), but I’m definitely going to have to go with The Last Of Us.

The enemy AI is incredible. If you’ve seen the demo shown at the Sony press conference, you may have thought much of the combat was scripted, seamlessly transitioning into cut scenes where the battle is out of your control. On the contrary, all of the combat in the demo was either controlled by the player or dictated by the AI of the enemies or Ellie, and this very same scenario could play out very differently, as we saw in the private showing. They react to seeing guns, seeing each individual character, hearing the click of an empty chamber, and proximity to Joel or Ellie, and fight differently depending on these factors. Furthermore, this may be the first fun escort mission ever. Ellie’s AI is even more advanced than the enemy’s, and she, having grown up after the outbreak, is an extremely capable fighter. You may have to be mindful of her location during battle, but she will even get you out of trouble now and then.

Rather than glorifying violence, the game’s brutal combat could actually be very positive for the game industry. Hear me out: the main difference between this game and games like Call of Duty and Uncharted is that, while you’re still a mass murderer, the main characters (mainly Ellie) seem to be very unsettled and sometimes remorseful about the violence. While I haven’t seen enough of the game to know that this is consistent throughout the game, I think a game that can realistically depict the horrors of violence like The Last Of Us could actually be a good thing.

Thanks for following us at our first E3 event !

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