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[Featurama] Happy Father’s Day: Superdad Bass Armstrong


[Featurama] Happy Father’s Day: Superdad Bass Armstrong

Fatherhood is one of the greatest joys men can have.  To see a life you have taken care of come to adulthood is momentous.  It is wonderful.

It’s also a bit of a chore.  Kid’s talk back to you by saying the most hurtful words you could ever hear. Doing so with out a single thought of how damaging those words are.  They disobey you as if your requests were inherently wrong.  They loathe you while you try to help them along the right path.

Yet, a good father will always love his children regardless. For that, I nominate Bass Armstrong for recognition as a true Dad this Father’s Day.

Look, Bass has a rough exterior.  He’s a big, buff biker dude who wrestles professionally for a living.  He’s not exactly the dad you would see picking his daughter up at ballet practice.

Don’t be mistaken though.  Bass Armstrong is the type of dad that would take his daughter to ballet practice.  She would be strapped in to the side car of his Harley Davidson with a flame painted helmet to match her custom flame printed wrestling singlet (no tutu’s for his baby girl), but he’d drop her off with a big smile on his face.

That’s the type of dad this man is and you can see the shock in his face every time his daughter spurns him for her newest hobby.

Unfortunately, that’s what Tina does.  She’s a girl with ambition.  Ambition and talents that fuel her to try many new things, even if they aren’t particularly good for her.  He offers her his advice, tries to bring her in to the family business and yet she runs off and flirts with Zack.  She then decides to be a model only to quit that and work in cinema.

Her fleets of fancy are numerous, but they never seem to hold for long.  That’s why it kills him to see her flaunt her abilities in the Dead or Alive tournament only to run off and waste her talents in her half-hearted modeling career.

For that, he’ll enter any ring to help win her back.

He fights, he argues, he even annoys his daughter, and yet at the end of the day, he still loves her. This is none more evident than when he was compelled to rip down her poster in anger during the second tournament only to put it back up.  He could have taken this swimsuit pinup of his daughter out of public vision, but ultimately he left it up.  He was still proud of her.  It would be easy to call him unsupportive of Tina with the way he tries to bring her back, but he does have his pride for her.

It is a bizarre relationship, but she riles him up to the point of great anger and he still is more than supportive. At one point she even leaves him stranded on the side of a desert road, yet he is still there for her next time we see them.

It is this love for her that allows him to accept her relationship with Christie.  He throws his fights for her so she could advance in the tournament.  So she can fulfill her dream and hopefully one day help him realize his.

Bass Armstrong is a stubborn fool, but that doesn’t make him any less of a father.  His daughter is a handful and his wife is nowhere to be seen, but he will support her through every crazy new venture she decides for herself.  Despite the rough exterior, Bass is a father to be proud of.

He’s a loving parent and there really aren’t a whole lot of those around the gaming universe.  He’s a good dad and he’ll always be looking out for his little girl no matter what age she is.

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