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[E3] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (3DS) Hands-On Preview


[E3] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (3DS) Hands-On Preview

I had a chance to play one of the strangest renditions of Final Fantasy you’ll see, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on the 3DS. It’s a rhythm game developed by indieszero, and published by Square Enix. It features music across what seems to be the entire series, and you partake in random battles, cutscenes, and events from previous games in the series.

Theatrhythm maintains the overworld, and battle system, but uses a new rhythm based system similar to that of Elite Beat Agents. You tap spaces on the touch screen in accordance to circles passing a hit box on the top screen, all in sync with original Final Fantasy songs. The bottom screen has no borders, and really doesn’t assist in where to tap on the screen. In the formation I played, there were four characters on the top screen, and four different rows of musical blips to tap. It’s all a rough guesstimate of where to tap on the bottom screen, and I just feel like it would make more sense to have all of everything on the top screen on the bottom.

Overall, it was pretty fun. I’ve had a lot of experience with rhythm games, and especially Elite Beat Agents, and it seemed to do an alright job of emulating that fun experience. If you’re looking for more Final Fantasy, this certainly isn’t the outlet you’re looking for, but if you’re in need of some good fun, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy may be what you’re looking for. You can expect a North American release on July 3rd, 2012 (July 6th EU).


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