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[E3] Square Enix Makes a Short Film with Luminous Studio


[E3] Square Enix Makes a Short Film with Luminous Studio

Sit down and get comfortable. Square Enix is going to show us all something pretty.

The above trailer from Luminous Studio and Yoshihisa Hashimoto is a showcase of the potential the company has for their future Final Fantasy titles. This realtime tech demo titled “Agni’s Philosophy” is simply gorgeous and lives up to the high standards of visual quality that has become synonymous with the franchise.

While the trailer is a visual treat, I will caution you all to remember that this is nothing more than a showcase with familiar themes.  What we really are supposed to be looking at is object physics, lighting, and textures.  This engine will presumably be the one that powers the Final Fantasy games in future generations, and so far it looks great.

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