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[E3] Nintendo Drops Wii U, Shows Off Games, Causes Joy and Confusion


[E3] Nintendo Drops Wii U, Shows Off Games, Causes Joy and Confusion

So Nintendo has officially unveiled the Wii U. Unlike last year where we simply saw a model of the system and some tech demos, we have games to finally see what the system is capable of.

From the footage below the Wii U seems to be able to keep up graphically with its competitors but the fact that a majority of the games shown off are ports does very little to raise excitement for the system.

Hit the jump for the trailers associated with the Wii U at E3 2012.


Perhaps the most exciting news to come out of Nintendo’s presentation is the reveal of Pikman 3 a game long rumored to be in development.

Born from Miyamoto’s gardening hobbies, this organic RTS looks absolutely beautiful in HD and as charming as the first two games in the series. There is some confusion behind why the game is controlled by the Wiimote and Nunchucks as opposed to the tablet but with a trailer this pretty no one really cares that much. (Okay quick edit: Apparently you can play with the tablet and doing so makes the game play like a more traditional RTS.)



So this is what a 2D Mario game looks like in HD huh? Wonderful.

Though I’m a little disappointed that Nintendo has decided to make the New Super Mario Bros. the go to iteration of the games to raise excitement for whatever it is that needs excitement…That came out more eloquent in my head. I’m too distracted by how pretty it is to complain.

I mean have you seen some of the background work in the trailer? The Vincent Van Gogh Starry Sky-esque backdrop in the haunted Boo area looks absolutely fantastic.



Special mention to this Arkham City Wii U trailer in that it explains some of the additional features of the Wii U installment. For the most part it is a port of a game that’s already out but now you can play it on a funky tablet so that’s a plus I suppose.



Scribblenauts was an interesting game I picked up used for 5 dollars a few years back and I enjoyed my time with it. Once I found out I could ride a robotic t-Rex made the whole purchase worth it.

Now we have a sequel for the Wii U and it looks bigger in every aspect of its DS counterpart.



Ubisoft has taken the charge for developing games for the Wii U with Rayman Legends, Assassin’s Creed 3,  and now ZombiU coming out for Nintendo’s HD tablet console. I particularly like this trailer not necessarily because I’m interested in the game, but because it shows off a lot of interesting ideas that can come out from using a tablet in addition to the game. Some really ingenious concepts that I hope don’t become too gimicky in the future.



An odd absence from the presentation, Bayonetta developer Platinum Games has a title coming out for the system. Project P-100 has you assemble a party full of different superheroes each with different abilities to save the world.

With such a talented and popular studio as developers, one wonders why Nintendo didn’t show it off in their press conference.



True to their word Nintendo has over twenty titles for the Wii U to show off at E3 2012. Granted a majority of them are ports of existing titles. Regardless, I don’t have room to post all the trailers that came out. Luckily for me Nintendo has assembled this very handy compilation trailer of all the games coming out for their system. These include Tekken, Ninja Gaiden, Wii U Fit, Darksiders 2, and Nintendo Land, the Mario Party like game incorporating more of Nintendo’s franchises.


Hopefully you got something to enjoy from the presentation today but if not, it’s always helpful to understand that it takes a couple of years before a system really hits its stride. Let’s just hope tomorrow’s 3DS focused presentation comes with more enjoyable news (Ace Attorney 5, Ace Attorney 5, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Ace AttorneyxLayton, Ace Attorney 5) More than likely Ace Attorney won’t make a showing because as previously stated, Tokyo Game Show would be the place to do it. Still we’re definitely going to see Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing and that’s all I really need.



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