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[E3] Metal Gear Revengeance Gameplay Features The Act of Slashing


[E3] Metal Gear Revengeance Gameplay Features The Act of Slashing


Is there anything not awesome about this game? Even the title is just slick. “Revenge” and “vengeance” combined? Why the hell not? (For added fun, I tend to call the game “Revenginator,” “Revengamatrix,” or a similar bastardization of the already bastardized words.)

But titles aren’t what we want to see here. What we want to see is some down and dirty sword-to-human-body action, and this video demonstration provides plenty of that. I’m even more excited than I was before, seeing this in action; it looks like somehow, Platinum Games has found the right balance between making the player feel just powerful enough to feel unstoppable while pulling back on the reins where the risk of becoming overpowered slips in. And damn if it isn’t fast.

Plus, that cut-anything mechanic is still on full display, and it has not become any less impressive. Smiles all around.

Note Raiden slicing off a surrendered bad guy’s head around the 4:30 mark; it seems to have riled up a writer over at That VideoGameBlog. Still don’t quite know what to think of that one.

Hit the jump for the video.


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