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[E3] Hands-On Preview: Hitman Absolution


[E3] Hands-On Preview: Hitman Absolution


I was able to get my hands on the new Hitman coming this fall. As a kid, I never could play Hitman the correct way. I would get as far as changing my clothes, being completely mind blown that that was a feature, and then get frustrated with waiting and just bust out my guns.

It turns out I still play the same way.

I was treated to a demo of a level involving a Chinatown looking setting. I had a target to assassinate who was heavily guarded. The game gave me a clue of where I was supposed to go in order to not be seen when I killed him. Instead, I chose to take out my guns and murder him in broad daylight during apparently the busiest hour in Chinatown.

Almost immediately, cops and security guards appeared /out of nowhere/. Your fuck ups are instantaneous and pretty difficult to fix. I ran in the crowds because the cops don’t shoot when there are civilians that can get hurt. Too bad the civilians are also capable of freaking the hell out and running away, leaving me completely open. It was a quick death, for sure.

When it comes to the controls, they work great. Fans of the rest of the series will feel right at home with this one. Nothing is clunky and Agent 47 is completely responsive.

I’ll be honest that I couldn’t find the way into an apartment where a sniper rifle was located. So each and every time I tried, I’d get frustrated once again and do the execution move. It works a lot like Dead Eye in Red Dead Redemption. Time freezes and you choose where you want to hit someone and how many times. Once you hit the execute button, Agent 47 fires. This was of course incredibly awesome.

Too bad you’re supposed to be playing stealthily and I’m completely wrong.

Listen, I died a lot in my time with the game. One time it was just a joke because I wanted to see whether hiding inside a dumpster right before a cop’s eyes would keep me on alert. It did. So that answers any questions you may have about dumpster hiding in front of people’s line of sight. I can tell that fans of the series will really love this one. And anyone that doesn’t particularly know the series but loves stealth games, this is for you.


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