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[E3] Can We Talk About Watch Dogs For a Second?


[E3] Can We Talk About Watch Dogs For a Second?


Because I think we should. I think we could, actually, talk about Watch Dogs for a very long time. And the video for it which is taking people by storm was only just shy of ten minutes long.

Man, look at that header image. That is a thing you do in the game. And for once, putting bullets into people’s faces isn’t the coolest thing you do in the game.

Perhaps that’s the most interesting thing about Watch Dogs. What really excites people seems to be less BLAM BLAM BOOM BOOM SMASH AAAAH and more “Hey did you see that ability he scrolled past? The one he didn’t use? I wonder what that does.” This game shows why we need new IPs: the fun of not knowing what you’re in for, of learning about a new universe and new gameplay and new powers and new possibilities. The fun and agony of wondering go hand in hand. Watch Dogs, in mere minutes, kicks that wonder into overdrive.

Yeah, sliding across the car and shooting the dude was thrilling. But that isn’t what has stuck with me since. The thought which has been occupying my mind constantly is: “What if he had selected ‘Control Train’? What would have happened then?”

If you somehow haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out for yourself after the jump. I think I know what my Best of Show is.


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