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[E3] Atlus Shows Off Persona, Persona, and More Persona at E3


[E3] Atlus Shows Off Persona, Persona, and More Persona at E3

Atlus has come to E3 with a gun with two bullets. One titled Persona 4: Arena and the other, Persona 4 Golden. Did I mention that it is a very large and pretty gun? Because the E3 trailers are absolutely amazing. Hit the jump for the two trailers and some impressions~


I cannot wait to get my hands on this in August. It looks absolutely terrific and the story mode definitely has me curious how this fits into canon. This trailer has absolutely everything I ever wanted: Voice acting, gameplay, Yuu called out for having a sister-complex. The trailer was hilarious as all hell and I hope this comedic theme carries over to the story. Expect our review when the game drops August 7th. (Also the Detective Conan reference totally slipped by me. Now it’s even better.)



Now we have the trailer for Persona 4 Golden for the PS Vita handheld and a reason to pick one up if ever I’ve seen one. New animation, new characters, new events, new music and scooters! This gorgeous HD update to the beloved PS2 JRPG looks to improve upon an already impressive predecessor.

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