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[Charity] Watch TheSpeedGamers Collect Pokemon for Charity!


[Charity] Watch TheSpeedGamers Collect Pokemon for Charity! channel TheSpeedGamers have started their weekend long charity marathon! They will be playing Pokemon games all weekend with the goal of collecting every single Pokemon possible. A hefty task, but it’s all for a great cause! They will be taking donations to benefit the ACT Today organization. Per ACT Today’s website:

One in 88 children in America have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Autism is more common than juvenile diabetes, pediatric AIDS and pediatric cancer combined. Early and intense therapies have been proven to be effective yet most children go without due to financial restraints. ACT Today! fills a necessary gap by providing assistance for these children today to ensure they have a better tomorrow.

They just started streaming at 6PM CST (7 EST) and they are currently at $3,232.09 after only 2.5 hours! This is an awesome event for a great cause. Various levels of donations will get you entered to win some great Pokemon related swag, including a sealed copy of Pokemon Red for GameBoy! If they get to $15,000 by Sunday morning, they will be camping out in front of Gamestop that morning and streaming the whole event so they can pick up Pokemon Conquest. If you can’t donate, then at least make sure to spread the word. However if you’ve got some time, please consider hopping in to the channel to say hi and donate!


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