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[Featurama] A Tip of the Hat: An Interview on Project Fedora


[Featurama] A Tip of the Hat: An Interview on Project Fedora

There is a story filled with mystery and intrigue. Of a brave man who did what he needed to get the job done. Who fought for the truth. But let’s not talk about how I met Ryan Jones, Project Manager for Big Finish Games. Let’s talk about his newly-funded Project Fedora and the return of Tex Murphy.

For those of you who don’t know Tex Murphy is the main character of a sci-fi noir adventure series. Tex was easy to identify with and not just because he was rendered in FMV. He’s an everyday man who is down on his luck. For five games Tex solved cases, with humorous interjection along the way. The last game was left on a cliffhanger that has had fans desperate for closure. Fortunately, a Kickstarter was made for Tex and now he’s slated to make a comeback in 2013.

In case the Kickstarter page didn’t have enough information for you, here’s my full interview with Ryan.

What made you decide to start working on Tex Murphy again?

We have actually made many attempts over the past years to get a new game started, and we got close several times, but we couldn’t get a deal closed. We even thought about going the casual game route but it didn’t feel right. We have always had a very loyal fan base and they were always very supportive of the idea of us doing a new game and when the Kickstarter funding concept worked for Double Fine, they encouraged us to give it a try.

Will anyone be reprising their roles?

Most of the main Chandler avenue characters will be back including Chelsee, Rook, Louie. Clint and Ardo

What is in store for Tex this time?

It will fill in all the details of what happened when Tex and Chelsea left the restaurant and were “shot” by Dalton, the man who offered them a ride. We will get a good look into the background of Tex Murphy and why he is who he is.

How much of Tex’s past games will you incorporate into this one?

The storyline for this saga will be a continuation of the end of Overseer and we will find out that the cliffhanger sequence was not a random act but part of a larger devious conspiracy.

Since this is a continuation, how will you explain the story to new players?

The story will pick up years later and Tex will have no memory of many events that took place earlier so both the experienced Tex players and new players will be filling in holes to what led to the cliffhanger and beyond. There will also be different paths so players can choose to follow the story in the way that interests them the most.

Do you think you may have given too much away from the flash movies and radio plays made after Overseer?

Because of the length of time between this new game and Overseer we will move the story out a number of years later. It will continue some of the threads from Radio Theater but will be set further in the future. We do plan on answering many of the questions Tex fans have about what happened after the fateful “Cliffhanger” event

So will this play like the first two games or will it be more like the gameplay that started with Under a Killing Moon?

It will actually be closer to “THE PANDORA DIRECTIVE” in that it will have multiple paths to different endings and two modes of play that allows a players to select the level of difficulty.

How long do you expect development to take?

It should  take about 12-14 months once we start in July

How big of a budget will this game have?

We have a budget of around $750,000.00

I’m fairly excited that the point-and-click adventure is making a comeback. We need more games that challenge us not just in our reflexes or memorization, but also in our ability to think outside of the box. I’ll certainly be checking out this game, and I hope you readers keep an eye on it too.


Several of Twinfinite's staff likely contributed heavily to this article, so that's why this byline is set. You can find out more about our colorful cast of personnel over in the The Team page on the site.

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