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[Rumor] Fox and Samus to Co-star in New Nintendo Crossover?


[Rumor] Fox and Samus to Co-star in New Nintendo Crossover?

This is probably false. It can’t be real. Surely it can’t be real. Well, according to seasoned gaming sleuth Paul Gale it really is rumored that two of Nintendo’s most popular franchises, Star Fox and Metroid, are to be brought together in a crossover for the Wii U, titled Star Fox – Metroid: Fusion Saga. The game, in which Fox McCloud and team collide with Samus Aran’s ship in a light speed warp sending her plummeting down to an unknown planet, is apparently going to be developed by Retro Studios, the team behind the Metroid Prime trilogy, and would incorporate elements of both the Metroid and Star Fox games.

To me this sounds more like a game developed as a new IP before someone had the bright idea of slapping Star Fox or Metroid on it to increase sales. Except the design team couldn’t decide which series they wanted to represent and instead opted for both. It does seem like a pretty silly mixture, much like ice cream and pizza; I like both but I wouldn’t eat them at the same time.

Whether all this is true or not hinges on next month’s E3 and Nintendo’s own announcement. Retro Studios are definitely working on a game for the Wii U – they were one of the first developers to receive a development kit – but that doesn’t necessarily confirm this rumor. Even the man behind the grinding of the rumor mill isn’t fully certain that this game is in development, stating that it could have just been a pitch that was rejected. We will see.

Whatever the outcome some of the features do sound pretty sweet. It is rumored to be possible to fly Samus’ ship à la Star Fox and control Fox on the ground from a third person perspective. However even these features may not make up for the obvious implausibilities in the whole storyline, something which could divide hardcore fans of either game. This could well be one of the oddest announcements at E3 if it is true, and if it is true it could take quite a bit of getting used to.

That being said, who wouldn’t like to see Slippy Toad get his face sucked off by a Metroid?

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