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[Rumor] Castlevania Does the Double


[Rumor] Castlevania Does the Double

The Paul Gale Network has struck gold again with the details of not one but two Castlevania games that are expected to be on show at E3 next month. These rumored games are much more plausible than the rumor regarding Star Fox and Metroid’s crossover, with Paul Gale backed up by an accurate source and convinced that these games will appear at E3, possibly in a playable state.

The first rumor is Castlevania 3DS, potentially titled Castlevania: Mirror of Fate. This game is rumored to have been in development for roughly a year and a half, and gets its name from the new features that are said to be included; namely that the game will utilize both front and back cameras on the 3DS in new and creative ways. Innovation aside this game is likely to stay true to its 2D Castlevania roots, which will be a relief to many fans I’m sure.

What is more interesting though is that Konami originally planned to release a game of the same name on the Wii U, with reported interactivity possible between itself and the 3DS version. However this idea was scrapped in favour of the second rumor that was revealed on the Paul Gale Network. Lord of Shadows is to have a sequel on the Wii U.

Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2, as it is rather fittingly labeled, is to be released alongside the Xbox 360, PS3 and Vita versions of the game, although there is the possibility for some 3DS connectivity to be added. Whilst information on this sequel is limited it will be interesting to see how the Konami handle incorporating the Wii U controls.

The future looks bright for Castlevania fans. Or does it look dark…

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