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[Review] Comics Released 5/9/12


[Review] Comics Released 5/9/12

There's no version of the Avengers that isn't easy like Sunday morning.

Privet comrades. If you’ve been keeping up with the site, you probably listened to our amazing Comicscast Episode #2, if you haven’t, give it a look-see. On the comics side of things, this was another release heavy week and it took me a while to finalize my top picks for the week. Finally, if you haven’t seen the Avengers movie yet, stop whatever you’re doing and go watch it. We recorded a SpoilerCast about it and, just a heads up (if the name wasn’t hint enough), we spoil the crap out of the movie. On to the picks!

 List of releases for 5/9:

Batgirl #9
Batman #9
Batman And Robin #9
Deathstroke #9
Demon Knights #9
Fairest #3
Frankenstein Agent Of S.H.A.D.E. #9
Green Lantern #9
Grifter #9
I Zombie #25
Legion Lost #9
Night Force #3 (Of 6)
Resurrection Man #9
Suicide Squad #9
Superboy #9

Avengers Assemble #3
Avenging Spider-Man #7
Captain America #11
Captain America And Hawkeye #630
Deadpool #54
Hulk #51
Journey Into Mystery #637
New Avengers #26
Punisher #11
Scarlet Spider #5
Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #10
Ultimate Comics X-Men #11
Uncanny X-Force #25
Wolverine #306
Wolverine And The X-Men #10
X-Men Legacy #266


Avengers Assemble #3

This book straddles the line between established canon and the universe the Marvel movies have created. The heroes have the personality, costumes, and camaraderie of the comics; the team’s lineup comes straight out of the movie. Even some of the settings and one of the Hulk’s ass-whoopins is reminiscent of the movie. The big bad who reveals himself at the end of the issue has been an Avengers villain for decades but introduces himself as a new villain. He is also the secret antagonist of the movie. I’ve never liked the Marvel books that ignore the ongoing continuity to make their own storylines but with the interesting world crafted diligently by Marvel Studios over the past few years being used as an inspiration, I’m willing to give this series a try.


Avengers Vs X-Men #3

I know, I know. This came out last week. Shut up. This was such a good issue, I had to cover it. Wolverine was the central character in the issue and he does a great job in the spotlight. I didn’t like how much of a chump Captain America was in this issue and all of his decisions were suspect. From getting played by Cyclops and a shape-shifting Magik, to deciding to brawl with Wolverine, everything Cap decided was a bad choice. You know if Iron Man is the voice of reason, you aren’t making competent decisions. The final panel with Wolverine trudging through the snow does a great job with shading, showing his determination to end the threat of the Phoenix before it gets out of control.


Batman #9

The Court of Owls storyline heats up in this issue. Batman has always been known to have a gadget or Batsuit to deal with any occasion. Ever since the DC reboot however, they haven’t shown any of Bruce’s toys. This is the issue which changes all that. The Talons are in the Batcave and Batman gears up to kick them out with authority. After the great Iron Man moment Batman has, he heads out into Gotham City to protect as many of the Court’s targets as possible. This entire storyarc is pushing Batman to a place that he’s rarely, if ever, been before. He’s scared, furious, and outsmarted. The next issues will have Batman finally going on the offensive with a vengeance, and with enemies who have a healing factor, he can go all out. Can’t wait.


Batman and Robin #9

Batman isn’t in this issue at all. That’s because this takes place while he’s brawling in the Batcave. Damian Wayne, the newest Robin, has a chance to embrace the other half of his heritage. His mother is Talia al-Ghul and he was raised by the League of Assassins until the age of 10 when he took on the mantle of Robin. He doesn’t find killing as evil as Batman but has promised to not kill anyone. With the Talon assassin, he can be his murderous self without having to worry about the ethical dilemmas. This issue is gruesome and I loved it. Hopefully, Robin’s mixed heritage will be explored more often in this book, because as a potential future Batman, he is serious messed up in the head.


Skullkickers #14


Skullkickers is one of the most entertaining comic books I’ve ever read. The two protagonists are the mercenaries Baldy, a big and buff bald guy who has the only gun in the world, and Shorty, a dwarf who has a big mouth and an even bigger anger problem. This issue covers the origin of Baldy’s golden revolver and it goes way out into left field. Fans have been wondering about its’ origins since this book started and the story so far does not disappoint. I can’t go into details without giving away a story fourteen issues in the making but it’s entertaining as hell. Since I know I’m not doing it justice I’ll just let the creative team explain it, “If you love fantasy, action-comedy, a touch of black-hearted violence and movies like Army of Darkness, then Skullkickers is the book for you!”


X-Men Legacy #266

While Wolverine has squarely sided against Cyclops and Utopia, the X-Men that left with him to open the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, have put aside their allegiances to protect the students under their care. To prevent any of the teachers or students running off to join the fight against the Avengers, Cap sends She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and the Falcon to the school. Obviously a brawl eventually breaks out and each side believes it is only protecting itself. Rouge has had experience fighting the Avengers from her villain days, and once she joins the fight, it starts in earnest. The next issue will have the bulk of the fight and with Rouge being able to absorb the powers of any Avenger squaring off against her, it will be interesting to see if and how the Avengers plan on countering her.


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