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[News] Xseed will not publish Grand Knights History after all


[News] Xseed will not publish Grand Knights History after all

Déjà vu.

It was only a few years back when Xseed had to reveal that localization plans for Vanillaware’s Muramasa would cease.  Fortunately, Ignition then came in and brought the title out for North America. That was 2009.

It’s 2012 now and Vanillaware has 2 big titles planned for localization.  Dragon’s Crown, a game currently in development, was being localized by Ignition until Atlus came in and assumed the rights to the title.  Grand Knights History apparently is doing the same shuffle.  In an email sent to Siliconera, Xseed had stated that development resources to localize Grand Knights History were unavailable.

With the issues Dragon’s Crown has had recently with its publishers, many have postured that the focus of the team is strictly on working to get that game out.  Xseed being denied assets would coincide with this.  Currently there is no news in Europe on Rising Star Games localization plans for the title.

I for one was quite excited to play Grand Knights History and really am hoping for somebody to swoop in and offer it to the west.  Let’s hope this is all just one big shuffling of development duties and that Vanillaware is still interested in releasing it abroad.


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