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[News] Toonami Returns May 26th


[News] Toonami Returns May 26th


Rejoice! A corporation has answered your prayers and is bringing back Toonami.

If you recall, Toonami returned for one night only April 1st 2012. Many believed it to be for April Fool’s while many others believed it was a preview for a comeback.

Most likely the network used the opportunity to gauge people’s excitement for Toonami, as evidenced by Steve Blum’s call for a Twitter and mail campaign to bring back the cartoon block.

It seems Adult Swim is employing Twitter again to hype its return with the hashtag #ToonamiIsBackBitches after every, I’m assuming “Wooo my childhood returns!” or worse, “90’s Kids Unite” tweets.

What I’m getting from this is that Toonami will return as a version much closer to Midnight Run rather the afternoon scheduling block. Would they advertise “Toonami is Back Bitches” to children?

I’m excited to see what sort of lineup Toonami will have prepared for its return. Anime has changed a lot since it went off the air. I’m going to assume that there will be some returning favorites and hey! We might even get that third season of The Big O.

I can imagine some great shows that would be a perfect fit for the program including Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and maybe one of the newer Gundams. There might even be a few surprises.

So what shows do you expect will make an appearance? Does the news excite you or make you dread going through its cancellation all over again?


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