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[News] The Amazing Spider-Man’s “Web Rush” Trailer


[News] The Amazing Spider-Man’s “Web Rush” Trailer

As usual with Marvel-licensed movies, there is almost always a game that accompanies it. However, it is mostly there to earn a quick buck because it has the name. The Amazing Spider-Man looks to fix this problem and deliver a truly entertaining and quite amazing experience to gamers. The newly-released “Web Rush” trailer is just another reminder of why we love Spider-Man. Hit the jump for details and the trailer.

I won’t go into detail about the trailer itself, becauase you can watch it below. However, I will tell you that I have not played a Spider-Man game since the PS2/Gamecube era, and I am truly excited for this. I know that Wolverine game was supposed to be great, and I regret never picking it up, but I think this could be the next continuation of surprisingly good movie-licensed video games.


Essentially, what Web Rush does, when activated, is let you pick where you want Spider-Man to go, and let the game do the rest of the work. There is still the option of free-roaming any way you want, but this provides a bit more cinematic experience, as well as just looking damn cool. You can use it on enemies, bosses, side-missions, or even just swinging around the hugely-populated city.

Could The Amazing Spider-Man be the exception to movie games? We’ll find out when it drops late next month.




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