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[News] Sega to Publish New Double Fine Game


[News] Sega to Publish New Double Fine Game

In February 2012 Tim Schafer released news that he would be working with Monkey Island’s Ron Gilbert on a new point and click adventure game. Now, just a few months later, the first real details of this game have been released. Titled The Cave, this is not Double Fine’s Kickstarter project, and this is not a point and click game. Instead it is a platforming adventure game that borrows features from one of Gilbert’s earlier titles Manaic Mansion, namely that the player is able to choose three characters from a possible seven to take with them on the adventure. The fact that Sega are to publish The Cave shows that it has promise.

The Cave, described by Sega as an ‘odd and compelling’ adventure game, is set for a digital release across both consoles and PC in early 2013. The minute long trailer doesn’t give away a great deal about the story, but it does look like the game will ooze the quirky charm and charisma that have made other Double Fine games so popular. Highlights include dragons, Ferris wheels and a lot of dark subterranean puzzles.

The gameplay is perhaps reminiscent of Trine or the 2D Metroid games, with certain areas of the talking cave only available to certain characters and their unique abilities. One character is able to breathe underwater, whilst another can become temporarily invincible. You may have noticed I mentioned that the cave could talk. Well, yes it can. And it does. Frequently. If that doesn’t interest you then I’m not sure what will.

The trailer can be watched below, and it’s also worth mentioning that further details can be found on Ron Gilbert’s blog. I for one am very excited about this game, and can’t wait until its release in early 2013.




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