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[News] Quick, Buy Radiangames Shmups Before They Go Up


[News] Quick, Buy Radiangames Shmups Before They Go Up

Radiangames is one of the bigger teams working on XBLIG.  They’ve produced a number of titles that are of a proper quality. They were also $5 and we all know how finicky you people are at anything over $1 on the market.

Well, for the past month Radiangames has had a sale on their indie games for the past month in celebration of their 2 year anniversary.  They have all been reduced down to $1 so you really should have been paying attention.  In a wrap up discussing the sales figures for these games, Luke Schneider stated “I could raise the prices back up whenever I wanted.”

With lukewarm sales on the Xbox, the developer has pushed focus more on iOS devices which is yielding him higher numbers.  During the month of the sale, they made 402 sales which is about 4x the number of sales they had when combining March and April.  Mathematically, he’s just a little above where he was before he dropped price to $1.  That’s not even factoring the boost in sales that the game got off the press of this event.

What this all means is that this price drop might not be permanent and if you have any interest in good quality shmups for cheap, I’d suggest you pick up the titles in case they decide to raise price.

Here is a link to all the games Radiangames has on the Xbox Marketplace


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