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[News] Pokemon Black and White 2 Trailer is Amazing, Implications Depressing


[News] Pokemon Black and White 2 Trailer is Amazing, Implications Depressing


Take a look at this trailer for the new pair of Pokémon games.  Pretty fantastic, no?  As you can see, it’s intense.  I could talk about what this trailer might imply for the game (reappearance of many characters, dramatic showdowns, incredible battle venues, boats, and… are those ninjas?), but instead, I’ll ask a question: Why is this not the Pokémon anime?  The trailer, in just under five minutes, blew most of the actual Pokémon series out of the water.  Now that I’ve seen what we could have with a series lacking in the Ash and Pikachu department, I don’t think I can go back.

Let’s face it. Ash Ketchum has seen his heyday.  He’s been training Pikachu for fifteen years.  For fifteen movies. For over  seven hundred episodes.  Every time a new game comes out, he abandons his friends and most of his Pokémon and moves on to a new region. It’s been played out for years now.

But just imagine a new, rebooted series. A completely new cast of characters, real plot advancement, screeching guitars. It could breathe new life into the franchise. Or, they could continue to follow Ash. This trailer shows a series that we will never see. Ah, well. At least the show still appeals to children.

Rant aside, Pokémon Black and White 2 will be out in Japan on June 26th and will come to the West in the fall.


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