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[News] Persona 4 Spin-Off Novel Incoming, Starring Detective Prince


[News] Persona 4 Spin-Off Novel Incoming, Starring Detective Prince

Light novel publisher Dengeki Bunko is set to release a new story set one year after the events of Persona 4, starring the game’s ever-popular “Detective Prince,” Naoto Shirogane. A collaboration between Natsuki Mamiya and Persona staples Shigenori Soejima and Shuji Sogabe, the story finds Naoto heading to a new city to investigate a rash of disappearances and ride a pretty sweet motorcycle, if the artwork is any indication.

The book’s listing also mentions a mayonaka saito, an important phrase considering the “Midnight Channel” central to Persona 4’s plot was called mayonaka terebi, or “mayonaka TV,” in the original Japanese script. This is entirely speculation, but if this is supposed to be regarded as “mayonaka site,” perhaps there is some kind of web-based twist upon the Midnight Channel format. Midnight Site, anyone? Has a nice ring to it…


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