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[News] PAX Prime 3-Day Passes Already Gone!


[News] PAX Prime 3-Day Passes Already Gone!

Holy damnit Christmas!

Hope you guys got your 3-day passes for PAX Prime 2012 already. According to the event’s official website:

We’re shocked to be writing this… but we’re completely out of 3-Day badges for PAX Prime 2012. There are still single day passes, and while it’s impossible to say how long they will last, it is fair to say “not very long.”



But to be perfectly clear: Three-Day passes are gone for good, and the only way to attend PAX is to grab the single day passes that are still available.

Glad I registered formy pass a few hours ago when the servers came back up. If you have any interest in going to PAX Prime this year you might want to start buying up the 1-day passes, like, NOW. They’re sure to go quickly!

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