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[Chipfinite] OK Computer and Kid A Remixed, Chip-Style


[Chipfinite] OK Computer and Kid A Remixed, Chip-Style

Hey, kids! Like Radiohead? Like Chip music? Well, have I got some news for you! Thanks to the efforts of YouTube user QuintonSung, Kid A and OK Computer, two of the band’s most famous and best-received albums, are available, in their respective entireties, as chiptune remixes.

Both albums are incredibly well done, with attention to detail that stays true to the original songs alongside new found 8-bit flair. If you want to download the remix albums, just hop on over to MediaFire.  Kid A may be found here, while OK Computer may be downloaded from here.  Conversely, hit the jump to listen to each album in its entirety on YouTube. Enjoy!

Kid A


OK Computer


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