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[News] New Indie Royale Bundle is for Charity


[News] New Indie Royale Bundle is for Charity

Indie Royale has been a big success for independent companies to promote and even debut their titles.  This time the developers are offering their games up for charity.  So far the “All Charity Pack” has raised over $20,000 to support Amnesty International, ActionAid, Unicef and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Buying the minimum for the pack will reward you with the following games:

  • B.U.T.T.O.N. (Steam, Windows, Desura)
  • Blueberry Garden (Steam, WIndows, Desura)
  • Osmos (Mac, Steam, Windows, Desura)
  • The Shivah (Steam, Desura)

Spending more than $7 will reward you with 3 music albums

  • “1N1ep” by 6955
  • “Level” by Disasterpeace
  • “FX4” by Jake “Virt” Kaufman

The albums are a good incentive with Jake Kaufman having worked on Mighty Switch Force and Disasterpeace working on Fez. Great musicians, great games and it’s for a number of good causes.

Buy the bundle here


Several of Twinfinite's staff likely contributed heavily to this article, so that's why this byline is set. You can find out more about our colorful cast of personnel over in the The Team page on the site.

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