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[News] Indie Game: The Movie Has a Release Date!


[News] Indie Game: The Movie Has a Release Date!

According to a post on their official Facebook page, Indie Game: The Movie will be releasing worldwide on June 12. That’s not that far away you guys! I’ve been dying to see this one, unfortunately it never came around my area on the tour. What’s interesting is the way that the film will be available. It will be available on iTunes and directly from their website. Additionally it will be available on Steam. I don’t think movies have ever been available on Steam before, so this is pretty unique. Honestly though it makes so much sense, considering how great of a platform Steam is for indie games.

If you pre-order the film on Steam right now it’s only $8.99, 10% off the normal price. That is a ridiculous deal and you are a ridiculous person if you don’t take advantage of it. Unless you already have a DVD/Blu-ray copy pre-ordered. Which you probably should.


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