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[News] Get Out Your Brooms! Dustforce Now Available for Mac!


[News] Get Out Your Brooms! Dustforce Now Available for Mac!


The heavily praised platformer Dustforce by Hitbox Team has finally hit the Mac via Steam. As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also updated both versions to include an in-game level editor! What’s that? You still want more? Well, what if they throw all of that in for 50% off? That’s right, by heading to this link, you can get Dustforce for PC and Mac through Steam right now! If you already own the game, new levels can be downloaded by going here.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Dustforce is a Super Meat Boy-esque insanely difficult platformer. Momentum is king as you barrel through the levels, sweeping dust off the floor. Occasionally enemies will get in your way and you’ll be required to “take out the trash” with a few good whacks from your broom. The soundtrack’s not too shabby, either. There’s also a new trailer that shows off the level editor after the jump. 



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