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[News] Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Gets a 3D Sequel


[News] Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Gets a 3D Sequel

The Belmontian vibe of Nintendo Power

The hive mind giveth, and the hive mind taketh away — but thankfully today it’s the former.

News has reached the masses today that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is getting a sequel (or potentially a spinoff), and it is being developed for the Nintendo 3DS.

First reported by MyNintendo over at NeoGAF, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate features a ridiculous title and the return of the action-heavy combat that fueled its predecessor. Similarities apparently include the light/shadow system as well as a combo system, but this time featuring Trevor Belmont.

Not too much information is available beyond that, so we’ll all have to keep our whips at bay and wait for the article to hit the newsstands, though it would be a nice surprise to learn that MercurySteam was developing the title.


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