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[News] Bar Oasis 1.5 is on iOS for Free


[News] Bar Oasis 1.5 is on iOS for Free


Bar Oasis 1.5 Hit the iOS app store last week and that means you should pick it up. Did I mention how free it is? Super free.

Bar Oasis 1.5 is supposed to be a bridge between the first Bar Oasis and the upcoming Bar Oasis 2. I didn’t quite understand this 1.5 business initially. Upon reading further, this game features a new story and a new protagonist as well as some new characters and music, but will not be as complete as Bar Oasis 2.

For those of you who missed out on the first Bar Oasis, the game is basically a bartending sim/cocktail mixing sim. You play a man who gets roped into working for a bar and using the iPhone controls make drinks for thirsty customers. Also there’s a really awesome story mode as well.

1.5 has an entirely new story but in the same bar you know and love along with its loveable band of misfit regulars.

If you haven’t played the first I strongly recommend you do and maybe give the soundtrack a listen as well because that’s also pretty great.

Bar Oasis 1.5 is free now on the apple store.

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