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[News] An Indie Graduation Celebration


[News] An Indie Graduation Celebration

The generous folks over at Indie Royale have today announced the release of their latest indie games bundle, The Graduation Bundle. For a small sum buyers will receive The Void, Dead Pixels, The Ship, 1000 Amps and my personal favorite: LaserCat. Each bundle also includes a beta key for F2P action oriented RTS AirMech which comes with an exclusive in-game item, the Graduation Cap. Did I mention that if you pay $7 or more you also receive a copy of Cheap Dinosaur’s chiptune-rock album?

Headlining the bundle is Ice-Pick Lodge’s The Void, an innovative first person adventure game from Russia. This game is no Tetris; you play a soul lingering in the Void, also known as that nasty bit between life and death. The game revolves around color, a resource that represents lifeforce in the Void and is also the player’s health, ammunition and other stats. You won’t play anything like this anywhere else.

Next up is Dead Pixels, an 8-bit Zombie shooter exclusively debuting in this very bundle. When a toxic waste spills finds its way into the the water supply the deceased begin to rise from their graves yada yada yada we’ve been here before – basically shoot the hell out of tons of zombies across three different game modes. The city you play in is never the same in each playthrough, so there is plenty of longevity in this retro-style shoot-em-up.

The third game is The Ship, a first person multiplayer game in which you have to assassinate a target without being spotted whilst simultaneously trying to avoid the assassin who is targeting you. For those worried about this slightly niche experience being too underpopulated the bundled copy includes two extra keys which you can gift to friends on Steam. Definitely worth a look if you’re interested in new multiplayer experiences.

The penultimate title is 1000 Amps, a puzzle title in which you play as Plug, an engineer who is attempting to repair the Amp-Tree System by completing various puzzles and such like. The minimalistic graphics and clever puzzle mechanics make this little title a joy to play.

Finally, the one you’ve all been waiting for, LaserCat. Well. You’re a cat and you have to rescue your friend, an owl, from an evil magic space frog. I feel like that’s all I need to say. Oh, and it’s similar in style to VVVVVV, which is awesome. Retro, expansive and with a cat; I wish my life was like LaserCat.

If you’re interested in this bundle then buy early, as the price rises when more people make a purchase, as per previous Indie Royale bundles. Head on over to the Indie Royale website for information on how to purchase.


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