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[Community] E3 Coverage Coming Soon, Thanks To You Viewer


[Community] E3 Coverage Coming Soon, Thanks To You Viewer

We started in October 2011 out of a love for video games and a need for an outlet other than our Twitters to express it. We don’t claim to be professionals, but we sure as hell love what we do and try our best at it. So it’s an honor whenever we hear good things from a fan of the site or any random viewer at all. Not to mention the views our articles get. Trolls are awesome, too. The staff at Twinfinite works hard each week to bring you new content, but without our community we wouldn’t have anyone to bring it to. If one person spends time on our site, it’s awesome. If enough do it so that we can get recognition, then it’s amazing. Thanks to the people that made it possible for us to get accepted into E3 as press within our first 6 months. We’re going to be working our asses off next week to bring you live coverage, from our tiny shells, as the little guys at the event.

If there’s anything specific you want us to cover or any interview questions you may want us to ask someone while we’re there, send me an e-mail and we’ll try our best. I’ll try to absorb Shiggy’s greatness in my pocket.

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