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[News] Amazon Prime Instant Video comes to PS3


[News] Amazon Prime Instant Video comes to PS3

Sony announced today that Amazon Instant Prime has finally gone live on the platform.  For those who don’t use the service, it’s a service that rewards its subscribers with free 2 day shipping with no minimum order, a free book to read each month from the Amazon library and a streaming video service for the price of $79 a year.  The major benefit of the service is the shipping bonus, but they are starting to build their video marketplace up.

This push on to a mainstream platform could raise more awareness for Amazon which could work in their favor on deals for new content.  From what I’ve seen with the service, it’s not quite on the same level as the other online streaming platforms.  Amazon though has the potential to be one of the biggest services available.

For those who are looking to stream some Downton Abbey while getting free 2 day shipping there might be something interesting here for you.  For those looking for a simple streaming service, I’m not sure this will be more rewarding than Hulu or Netflix. If you don’t know or understand how to to register your consoles, head over to Amazon and check out this tutorial.

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