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[Review] Comics Released 03/14/12


[Review] Comics Released 03/14/12

Hi everybody! In a Twinfinite comics review first, I got a couple of emails last week from readers who wanted me to take a look at a new series called Saga. This made my week so please, if you ever have any comics you think I would be interested in just shoot me an email at [email protected]. Read on comrades for my thoughts about it, the picks of the week, and another review from Josh Whitehurst.

List of releases:

Batgirl #7
Batman And Robin #7
Batwoman #7
Deathstroke #7
Demon Knights #7
Frankenstein Agent Of S.H.A.D.E. #7
Green Lantern #7
Grifter #7
Legion Lost #7
Mister Terrific #7
Ray #4
Resurrection Man #7
Saucer Country #1
Shade #6
Superboy #7
Unwritten #35

Avengers #24
Avengers Assemble #1
Battle Scars #5
Captain America #9
Carnage U.S.A. #4
Daken Dark Wolverine #22
Fantastic Four #604
Incredible Hulk #6
Journey Into Mystery #635
Northanger Abbey #5
Powers #9
Punisher #9
Scarlet Spider #3
Ultimate Comics X-Men #9
Wolverine And The X-Men #7
X-23 #21 (Final Issue)
X-Men Legacy #263


Batman and Robin #7

I covered issue #6 about a month ago and have been eagerly awaiting this next issue. Batman catches up with NoBody and the ass whoopin’ commences. Batman has always been portrayed as a hero that went just far enough to bring criminals to justice. In this issue, he is just a pissed off father seeking revenge for the kidnapping and brutal assault of his son. He never crosses the line into become a killer, but he is shown burning with rage and threatening to end NoBody’s life. This is Batman at a level of anger that he hasn’t shown before and it’s great to read and look at.

This is a tension filled issue plotwise, and the art does a good job of keeping up. The fisticuffs between Batman and Nobody is shown in sharp edges and shadow. The only panel that is fully lit shows the two men hrling themselves at each other while a storm breaks overhead. Just like the last issue, the last panel is the most compelling and will be pondered until the next issue and maybe even beyond. Of the entire DC reboot, this book consistently ranks near the top. I can’t wait for the next issue.


X-Men Legacy #263

Ever since the Schism storyline, Wolverine has avoided having anything to do with Cyclops’ team on Utopia. This even extended to not warning Cyclops that a near-omnipotent mutant blamed him for dividing the remaining mutants and was headed to Utopia to eliminate him. Rouge goes behind his back to warn Utopia but instead of Cyclops’ A-Team, the youngest X-Men come to their former teammates’ aid. The combined forces defeat the mutant, Exodus, but this alliance is temporary as the two groups trade barbs and head back to their respective bases. The Schism appears to still be a sore spot as the two groups of mutants seem to be repressing anger and resentment. Things between the two groups seem to be building to a climax which should be resolved in the massive upcoming crossover event Avengers vs. X-Men.



If you were to take Romeo and Juliet and throw it in a blender with two different alien races, robot men, anthropomorphic animals, wizards, and intergalactic war, SAGA would come out of the other side. That doesn’t really do it justice but that’s the only way I can explain it. Two of the main characters, Marko and Alana aren’t officially introduced to the reader until midway through the issue. The third main character and overall narrator of the story is their daughter Hazel, sometime in the future. Marko and Alana’s people have been at war for as long as anybody can remember and the fact that they deserted their respective armies to marry each other and have a child together has painted a target on their backs from their respective governments and from mercenaries hired to retrieve their baby, Hazel.

The artwork is interesting because of how easily it switches from looking solid and tangible to ethereal and cel-shaded. With as many elements as it throws together this flip-flopping seems to be the only way to capture the full range of familiarity and strangeness within the overall story.

The creators, writer Brian Vaughn and artist Fiona Staples, have created something interesting with SAGA. A familiar background story mixed with familiar elements of another story with a new coat of paint is how I would descibe it. It hasn’t quite done enough to sell me on it but I’ll be keeping an eye on it to see if it meets the expectations placed on it. Those expectations were raised recently when it was reported that SAGA had sold out of its’ first printing and was getting a second printing to be released on April 11th along with SAGA #2.


Superior #7

The expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover” can be easily dismissed when it comes to the latest and last issue in the Superior saga. Right from the start, it’s filled with exaggerated action, dorky dialogue, and gorgeous artwork, all of which is to be expected of Mark Millar’s work by now.

Issue 7 picks up where 6 left off. The city, and potentially the world, is in danger as Superior’s nemesis Abraxas and The Annihilator “from Superiors Two and Five” destroy and explode as many things as they can in order to get 12-year-old Simon Pooni to sell his soul so that Abraxas can maintain his status for another 500 years. the action in this book is some of the best I’ve seen in the series and is definitely a step or two above Millar’s epic Kick-Ass.

Without giving too much away, the ending is pretty typical of superhero lore and is filled with enough cheese to stock a Hacienda for quite some time. The action is by far the best thing about this issue. Leinil Yu’s artwork is nothing short of amazing. Bright colors and characters that include humans, robots, monkeys, and demons stand out in a very impressive way. The only thing I felt lacking was on Mark Millar’s end. It seems to come to a screeching halt so that the ending can take place. I found myself reading back a bit because I felt I had missed an entire section, only to realize nope, that was it. In retrospect, I think this was done on purpose, seeing as how a second volume in allegedly in the works. If so, (which there does seem
to be a pretty high chance of) it was definitely a fitting end to a great beginning. If you’ve been reading Superior up until this point, I don’t need to tell you that this is definitely worth your money. If you haven’t started yet, I don’t need to tell you to not pick this one up first, even though it is the best one. It is a compelling and fantastic story from start to finish. As an added bonus to people who pick up the issue instead of waiting for the inevitable hardcover collection, a 6-page excerpt from Millar’s and Yu’s new series Supercrooks is included. Superior #7 is absolutely one of the best comic books I’ve picked up in quite a while and I wholehearedly encourage you to check it out.



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