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[News] Ys Origin and Ys Oath in Felghana coming to Steam


[News] Ys Origin and Ys Oath in Felghana coming to Steam

A few weeks back we brought word that Xseed had applied for a license to publish 2 titles on Steam.  Many conjectured that it would be a Falcom game as the developer is associated as much on the PC front as they are the console.  Well today Xseed broke the news that the two games coming to Steam are Ys Oath in Felghana and Ys Origin.

The Y’s series is one of Falcom’s first games and is one of the longest running series in the developer’s history.  It tells the story of Adol Christin and his many adventures.  Almost 2 years ago, Xseed brought Ys Oath in Felghana to the PSP.  Ys Origin is a prequel to the original Ys, taking place nearly 700 years before the first adventure of Adol.  Both games are similar in gameplay, however Origin allows you to play with 3 different characters.

Ys Oath in Felghana will be coming to Steam on March, 19th and Ys Origin will be coming at a later date.

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