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[News] Xseed Games to publish Dinosaur Resurrection?


[News] Xseed Games to publish Dinosaur Resurrection?

Okay, this is only a guess based on the three images provided today by Xseed games.  However, I’m not one to sit on clues without applying some formula of thought to them.  So, after doing countless hours of research on what the three images could truly mean, I have found a solution.  Xseed Games is going to publish the Falcom remake of Dinosaur, titled Dinosaur Resurrection, on Steam. That, or they found three random images in their files and are totally messing with me.

You might question how I deduced that from this seemingly random set of images.  Well, clearly the first image of a dinosaur is a dead ringer.  However, it’s not always that simple.  If we learned anything from the teasers Atlus created for Growlanser and Gungnir, this could just be something to distract us from our initial instincts. The fact that there aren’t any actual dinosaurs in dinosaur further demonstrates this.

The second clue is a single blade of grass shimmering and growing in the sun.  This is representative to the main character Ash’s struggle as a warrior in peaceful times and his wish to leave this peace.  Plus the grass looks the same as Heath’s hair.

Finally, the third clue applies to Ash himself.  “Grim Reaper” Ash as he’s known is haunted by the ghosts of allies and enemies.  I think that explains the third clue aptly.

To add to this, is news that Dinosaur Resurrection is already under way with an English translation.  Tom of Xseed had advance knowledge of the project and with this insider data, one could assume he’s close to the translation team.  Xseed could be working hand in hand with these fans to help bring this to their newly opened contract with Steam.

That or it could be the painfully obvious Unchain Blades Rexx for the PSP.  Only Xseed can prove this one.

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