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[News] Wizorb finally comes to Steam


[News] Wizorb finally comes to Steam

You have been able to purchase a PC copy of Wizorb for many months now.  It’s been on the Xbox marketplace for almost the same amount of time.  So I am pondering why this would be newsworthy to people as you should already have bought a copy of Wizorb in many different instances.

Yet I know some of you haven’t.

Why that is still remains a mystery.  However, if it’s because you couldn’t have it on Steam then I have good news for you.  Wizorb is now on Steam for the discounted price of $2.69! Down from the suggested retail price of $3.00.

Wizorb was one of my top games of 2011, and I heartily recommend it if you have always been curious to know if Arkanoid would make for a fun RPG.

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