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[News] The Epic Sax Game Just Made Something Amazing Even Better


[News] The Epic Sax Game Just Made Something Amazing Even Better

Fans of chiptune, music games, and YouTube hits finally have a common ground to bond over: Pippin Barr’s brand new Epic Sax Game, playable in-browser.  The game, based off of the (in?)famous Epic Sax Guy of YouTube stardom, finally lets you (yes, you!) follow the path of the one and only Sergey Stepanov, beginning by practicing the infamous tune and eventually moving to YouTube stardom.

The game has five stages:  Practice, Studio, Jam Session, Eurovision, and YouTube.  Each stage has its own goal, but each involves using your keyboard to play the oh-so-catchy tune.  My favorites are definitely Eurovision and YouTube, the former of which is a pixellated recreation of the 2010 performance of the song “Run Away,” from which the notorious YouTube video was taken.  The latter is a ten-hour marathon recreating the YouTube video itself, requiring constant performance of the song, with instantaneous feedback from comments and the “Like” bar to keep things interesting.  The game is fun, but hard, and the tune remains just as catchy in its chip version.  Now that I’ve had it stuck in my head all day, the least you can do is try out the game.

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