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[News] SXSW Marvel AR Trailer Made From a Comic Book


[News] SXSW Marvel AR Trailer Made From a Comic Book

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Earlier today I showed you what it would look like if Tony Stark all of a sudden burst out of a comic book and landed on screen.  That was the bees knees surely, but this was the icing on the cake for me.  Here we have a full featured trailer explaining everything you need to know about the event in question before you even open the book.

It’s a trailer, playing on a comic book, through your telephone.  This is the future and I am excited about it.

This can drastically change the comic marketplace effectively utilizing story arcs to simplify the gazillion different plot points that are currently running through the universe.  This makes me want to go to my comic store, whip out my phone and spend the next 3 days watching the comic books on my phone.

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