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[News] PSBlog’s First Look at Sly Cooper 4


[News] PSBlog’s First Look at Sly Cooper 4


PSBlog released a video documenting their hands-on time with the new Sly Cooper game. This game, made by Sanzaru Games, is the first game in the series not made by Sucker Punch. The game will feel familiar to veterans of the series, and features a number of new additions, like the ability to play as ancestors in Sly’s clan, set in different time periods, all with unique abilities (Sly Cooper meets Assassin’s Creed?). Sly will retain his own unique abilities, however, and some will be associated with a variety of outfits that he can wear. For instance, a Robin-Hood-esque outfit will contribute the ability to shoot traversable tight ropes across the map via a bow-and-arrow.

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