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[News] Orbitron Revolution drops to $1 on XBLIG


[News] Orbitron Revolution drops to $1 on XBLIG


Orbitron: Revolution was a great looking take on the vertical shooter.  At 240 MS points, it was very hard to argue the price point.  If you were one of those that were on the fence however, Firebase Industries took all the guess work out for you.

Orbitron: Revolution has now joined the value menu of XBLIG to celebrate the 3 months on the system.  For 80 MS points ($1.00), you should be checking this title out.  The price drop follows rumors that the game was doing poorly in sales.  While this is unfortunate, Microsoft has decided to promote the game on its indie marketplace with both a panel ad and it has used the artwork for Blaze as the marketplace image for XBLIG. This all happened in complete surprise to the people at Firebase.

Recently, Orbitron: Revolution was released via Gamersgate.  There is some speculation that this may have been the reason Microsoft began to promote the game.  I like to think it’s simply because somebody at Microsoft really likes the game.

You can pick up Orbitron: Revolution here at it’s new price.

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