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[News] NIS Announces Three New Games


[News] NIS Announces Three New Games


All you RPG junkies rejoice! NIS America has just announced via press release its plans for not one, not two, but three new titles for the upcoming year and the following.

Announced titles include:

The Witch and the Hundred Knights (PS3)- About two witches battling for supremacy until the Swamp Witch unleashes the Dark Knights. You can control a team of 100 units which should make things a bit more interesting. Expect it Q1 2013

Mugen Souls (PS3)- In seven worlds of seven colors there thrives cultures unique to each worlds until one day a decree in which the “Undisputed Goddess” plans to make everything in each of the worlds bow to her. Includes a free-roam style combat and Moe Kill techniques. Expect it in Fall 2012

Legasista (PSN)- A young hero named Altos travels to the Ivy Tower to recover the lost feared art of science. A dungeon crawler RPG with a deep customization aspect that not only includes skills and abilities but your hero’s personality as well greatly altering his fighting capabilities. Expect it in August 2012

All of these titles sound pretty amazing and each have something unique to offer any RPG fans. Personally I’m excited for the Witch and her hundred knights and NIS is known for unique gameplay and cruel difficulty so I expect the same would apply to these three titles.

Anything catch your interest?

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