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[News] New Tech Demo from Quantic Dream Shown at GDC


[News] New Tech Demo from Quantic Dream Shown at GDC

Recently this year at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, California, attendants were treated to a new tech demo entitled “Kara”(shown below). The video showcases what French developer Quantic Dream have been busy with since their 2009 blockbuster Heavy Rain.

The video portrays a female android being assembled while being questioned by an unnamed scientist behind the camera. As more of her appendages are bolted on, she starts to act. . .  unconventional, and let’s just say things get emotionally intense quick.

Quantic Dream produced a similar tech demo in 2005 titled “The Casting” that showed off the developer’s high-end facial animation technology they would later use in Heavy Rain. Since “The Casting” had no connection to the 2009 game, we can’t be sure what role “Kara” will play in Quantic Dream’s next big title. All we can be sure of is it will look damn good.


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