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[News] Monkey Paw Games Kickstarter Plans Revealed


[News] Monkey Paw Games Kickstarter Plans Revealed

[UPDATE] The Kickstarter is now live.

When Vic Ireland hinted at his interest in a Monkey Paw Kickstarter, my mind went to a million and one different places.  Today they clarified what exactly people would be kick starting.

Monkey Paw has been synonymous with downloadable Playstation titles since the beginning.  They pioneered the PSOne imports line and followed that up by releasing Vic Ireland’s old Working Design titles as PSOne classics.  Eventually they started to break through with their own projects in games like Burger Time World Tour which eventually spread itself across all 3 consoles.  This however is their first push in to retail with the company and that’s where Vic Ireland shines.

The company is planning to bring over the 2nd game in the Class of Heroes franchise from Sumioni and Tenchu developer Acquire.  If the name sounds familiar, Atlus brought the original Class of Heroes to the PSP in 2009.  The goal of the project is to raise $500,000 to help fund this to completion.  In a surprise twist, Monkey Paw has revealed that the game is planned for digital release in its PSP version and it’s PS3 version titled Class of Heroes 2G.

That’s what’s interesting about this project.  It’s not about funding the game’s localization at all.  The game is coming over regardless.  It’s about supplying everyone with a one of a kind deluxe version reminiscent of Working Designs distribution style of the 90s.

It’s a curious move to say the least.  With PSV’s shipping across the country, PSP hard copies are worthless to the current generation of handhelds.  In a discussion with me over twitter they summed up the point of this project aptly. “The campaign will be a test for fan power.” That’s what this is all about.  They want to see what the JRPG fan wants from the people that bring their product to them.

This Kickstarter is a litmus test to figure out what the market wants.

The Kickstarter will have a reward system for its donators by allotting the following items from lowest to highest:

  • Custom gold-sealed letters acknowledging pledged hardcore JRPG support from Victor Ireland
  • Class of Heroes 2 Deluxe Pack for PSP with bronze/silver/gold commemorative pins per tier
  • Class of Heroes 2 Limited Edition character plush toys
  • Class of Heroes 2 Poster signed by the entire team
  • Inclusion in the game’s credits and ability to choose credit placement level with pledge
  • Class of Heroes 2 Limited Edition Pocket Watch
  • Class of Heroes 2 Limited Edition custom music box
  • Grand Tier: All previous tiers and 2-night stay in LA with one hosted day at E3 2012 and dinner with MonkeyPaw Games and Gaijinworks
  • Two tiers off Kickstarter allow a trip to Japan hosted by MonkeyPaw Games and Gaijinworks to meet the Japanese creators and another that allows fans to be drawn as a character in the game that will ship.

The Kickstarter will kick off tomorrow and this will be a very interesting to see what becomes of it.  The rewards are clearly here for those who wish to support the game.  The success of this game will directly impact many of the planned titles the company hopes to bring forward in the future, so incentive is most certainly there.

Source: These Guys Want Half a Million to Prove that People Still Love JRPGS


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