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[News] Mass Effect 3 Doesn’t Support the Cloud


[News] Mass Effect 3 Doesn’t Support the Cloud

Mass Effect 3 is one of the biggest titles of the year easily and will be a huge boost to Microsoft’s Xbox 360.  It is a franchise that has carried over from game to game with its brilliant import character feature.  This feature alone has defined the franchise.  With Mass Effect 3 looming, many of us are making another run through of the game.  We are accumulating yet another save file to our collection.

As a warning to all gamers, EA wants you to know that Mass Effect 3 does not support importing from files stored on cloud servers.  Only files saved on your Xbox 360’s hard drive will be able to have Mass Effect 2 save data transfer.

While this isn’t a real deal breaker for me, I know a lot of people that have migrated their save files off their hard drives for space issues.  Time to move it back fellas.

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