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[News] Marvel to Implement AR Technology with their Comic Books


[News] Marvel to Implement AR Technology with their Comic Books

Marvel came in to SXSW to announce quite a few things. The most intriguing of which was a combination of their digital platform and physical books to create AR comicbooks. With the free download of the Marvel AR app on Android and iOS capable devices, you can view an augmented reality image.

What was showcased live on the floor was a 3dimensional Iron Man walking out and floating around the screen of the camera. It was kind of cool to see, but the feature that has the most potential is when they showcased a trailer for the comic book appearing on the phone screen. This implementation as a marketing device is kinda brilliant. You can see more below the jump.

To coincide with this announcement, they announced that all major Marvel titles will come with a digital code for the future. They rolled this plan out last year on the Ultimate lines and have slowly been pushing it on to other platforms. Now they have gotten serious with this idea and are implementing it across the board.



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