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[News] Mari0 Released, Time for Thinking with 8-Bit Portals


[News] Mari0 Released, Time for Thinking with 8-Bit Portals


Some of you may remember Mario Gets a Portal Gun, and while one can debate the quality of Dorkly’s productions all day (I don’t care for them), you have to admit that it would be cool to put the concept into action, and now you can! That’s right, fans of quantum tunneling and 8-bit platforming! the folks at have released this game in the form of “Mari0” (Spelled with a zero), available on Windows, Linux, and Mac.  In this game, Mario gets a portal gun and oh so much more.  In addition to the gun, our Italian friend gets a plethora of hats, full color customization, multiplayer, new maps as well as an editor, and a few other game-modifying bonus modes.

I’ve had a short amount of time with the game already, and I can say that it is quite fun.  However, controlling Mario entirely with the left hand still feels somewhat awkward.  Despite that, it’s an incredibly solid construct, and extremely enjoyable for the low price of free.  Now if you’ll excuse me, my Rainbow Dash Mario and I have a princess to save.

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