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[News] Katawa Shoujo Art Book Needs Funding. Goes to Kickstarter.


[News] Katawa Shoujo Art Book Needs Funding. Goes to Kickstarter.



Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the golden age of Kickstarter.

Those of you who follow the site knows that we’ve covered this game a lot. From an interview with the writers to the review of the game, this is what happens when you leave me in charge of the anime content.

Well now there’s going to be an art book.

That’s right, 4 Leaf Studios plans on printing out an art book to be sold at Anime Expo 2012 and they need their costs covered.

Well let me revise that. The initial goal of $750 has been met and surpassed at $3,823 at last count.

No, this post is mostly for those of you unable to attend AX this summer because for a $20 pledge you too can get a copy of the art book (as well as some pins and other goodies) without having to ever step foot into the hive of scum and villainy that is Los Angeles.

What about you? Attending AX? Will you make a sacrifice to the altar of Kickstarter? Will you say hi to me if you see me? Comments get spammy if left alone.


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